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Shulin Gu
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Shulin Gu


Office: Cyrus Tang Building C308
Telephone: +86 25 83597489
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Jan. 1993 - Mar. 1995 Ph.D. from Department of Physics, Nanjing University, China. Sep. 1983 - July. 1990 B. S. and M. S. from Department of Physics , Nanjing University, China.

Research interests:
Wide bandgap semiconductors (ZnO and GaN) material growth, characterization, physcics and device applications.

Recent publications:

 Ye JD, Gu SL, Zhu SM, Liu SM, Zheng YD, Zhang R, Shi Y. Fermi-level band filling and band-gap renormalization in ga-doped zno. Applied Physics Letters 2005:86(19) 192111.

W. Liu, S. L. Gu, J.D. Ye, S. M. Zhu, S. M. Liu, X. Zhou, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, Y. D. Zheng, Blue-yellow ZnO homostructural light-emitting diode realized by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition technique, Applied Physics Letters 88, 092101 (2006)

J. D. Ye, S. L. Gu, S. M. Zhu, W. Liu, S. M. Liu, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, and Y. D. Zheng, Electroluminescent and transport mechanisms of n-ZnO/p-Si heterojunctions, Applied Physics Letters 88, 182112 (2006)

J. D. Ye, S. L. Gu, S. M. Zhu, S. M. Liu, Y. D. Zheng, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, Q. Chen, H.Q. Yu, Y. D. Ye, Raman study of lattice dynamic behaviors in phosphorus-doped ZnO films, Applied Physics Letters 88, 101905 (2006)

J. D. Ye, S. L. Gu, W. Liu, S .M. Zhu, R. Zhang, Y. Shi, Y D. Zheng, X. W. Sun, G. Q. Lo, D. L. Kwong, Competitive Adsorption and Two-site Occupation Effects in Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition of ZnO, Applied Physics Letters 90, 174107 (2007)

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